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NEW!! Planex MZK-WG300NX 300Mbps Gigabit Wireless R

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High-speed communication of all ports Gigabit

It corresponds to Gigabit Ethernet of 1Gbps or less.

A comfortable network environment to enjoy the high-definition television image and the online game by the cable connection can be constructed.

Fastest class WAN-LAN throughput is achieved.

It corresponds to Gigabit Ethernet of 1Gbps or less.
A comfortable network environment to enjoy the high-definition television image and the online game by the cable connection can be constructed.

Comfortable Wi-Fi communication of 300Mbps (theory value)

IEEE802.11n of high-speed, wireless LAN standard is adopted, and the throughput of 300Mbps (theory value) in the maximum is achieved.
With Wi-Fi the iPhone/ Cable can be connected and the same time the notebook computer, and family's networking products can be connected with this one.
Of course it is possible to connect it with past IEEE802.11g/b, so the game machine of the IEEE802.11n non-correspondence etc. are connected, too.

  • To communicates with the IEEE802.11n standard,the destination equipment should correspond to IEEE802.11n.

Equipped with USB port corresponding to media server/3G mobility communication terminal

The USB media server function that can share data in the same network is installed, connecting with the the media server such as USB connection's HDD, USB thumb drive, and USB card readers. In addition, if 3G mobility communication terminal is connected, it is possible to hook up to the Internet by using 3G Network, even where there is no fixed line.
Moreover, the media server and 3G mobility communication terminal can be used at the same time by connecting USB and HUB. The plan also supports the next generation of mobile communication terminals, enabling environment for high-speed Internet access even in the environment without an optical line.

Higher conservation of energy efficiency is achieved with two ECO.

Industry's highest class Auto energy-saving design Equipped with '[Active eco]' function

Power consumption is automatically adjusted according to the usage condition. Industry's highest class Auto energy-saving design [Active eco] is Equipped.
Power consumption is automatically adjusted according to the connection status and the communication situation of wireless LAN and cable LAN. Because power consumption can be suppressed by the automatic operation without a detailed setting or pushing the button up to now, ideal conservation of energy is consciously achieved.

Latest ECO [EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) technology-compliant]

EEE is Ethernet of the power saving type. It has two functions. One is 'LPI' function to stop power supply to MAC layer during the wire communication and the other is 'RPS' function to adjust transmission speed according to amount of traffic and to suppress power consumption of chip.
Because each function is adjusted by the automatic operation according to the usage condition with the cable done to LAN port conservation of energy can be consciously done.

It is possible to use it in router/access point/converter mode according to the usage.

The mode of Auto (automated discrimination of the router access point)/access point/converter switch can be done with the switch of the bottom. It is possible to use it in the best mode according to use.

  • Please refer to the manual for a detailed setting method of each mode.

Equipped with Auto function to do line judgment automatically

The Auto function to distinguish the kind of the connected line automatically, and to switch router mode/access point mode automatically is installed. Because complex line setting is unnecessary, everyone can connect it easily and enjoy a comfortable Wi-Fi even a beginner.
The mode setting can be changed by installing the switch in the bottom, and responding to the environment.

Equipped with converter mode

The converter mode is installed. Than can connect the digital consumer electronics or the game machine equipped with LAN port easily.
Because the installation of software is unnecessary, it is possible to use it easily only by putting it to LAN port. Moreover, the high-definition television image can be smoothly transmitted by 300Mbps (theory value) high-speed communication of 11n.
  • When it communicates by the IEEE802.11n standard. the destination equipment should correspond to IEEE802.11n.

Refined design<Designed by MID MILANO Design>

His body designed by the Italy designer in handled has Glossy color , soft form and feeling of luxury. The fine sight of the entire room is not spoilt, even put it near living or a digital consumer electronic.

Supporting WPS (Easily wireless connecting function)

Just pushing the WPS button you can work wireless; it only remains to connect to a device with network port. Customer with no experience can perform the connecting setup without difficulties.
  • Wireless LAN unit needs to be WPS supported
  • Presence and the setting method of the WPS button are different according to the connected wireless LAN adapter, wireless LAN device, game console and PC and whether there is a WPS button or not.

Supporting multi-SSID

You can use the different SSID according to the different security levels of your various wireless devices.
For example, you can setup it to WEP when you connect the game console, and setup it to WPA2 for the PC' connection. The 5 types SSID can be setting for your connections.

Supporting UPnP (Universal plug and play)

Since it supports UPnP, every single setting when using the network application will turn out very simple. All functions of Windows Messenger and Windows Live Messenger, applications supportive of UPnP will be fit for use.

Supporting the Dynamic DNS service

This unit has a refresh function of the Dynamic DNS service. If you input information about user name, password and domain name registered in Dynamic service, the information registered well be refresh automatically.
"The supported Dynamic DNS service"
-DynDNS :

Wireless Interactive network between different makers is guaranteed. (Wi-Fi certificate acquired)

Guarantee for communication without problems between productions we procured ourselves with a WiFi certification by which a smooth communication between products from different manufactures is guaranteed. It's a certification under strict conditions by issued by WiFi Alliance for passing the transmission test. The logo guarantees the correct connection between products from different manufactures.

RoHS correspondence

Throughout the life cycle of this product, from production to scrap, this product supports RoHS, which is to limit the usage of harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, liquid silver, hexavalent chrome, polybrominated biphenyl, Polybrominated diphenyl ether.


"MZK-WG300NX" is wireless LAN router for 11n/g/b that has the performance of the top level in the industry like high-speed network of all ports 1Gbps and Fastest WAN-LAN throughput of 930Mbps . The switch is installed, and it is possible to use it as auto (automatic router/access point switch) access point converter. The usb port of media server/3G mobility communication terminal is installed. In addition, high energy saving efficiency is achieved with two ECO.