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NEW!! M350 / Intel DN2800MT / IO Riser

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Item Price :  $ 235.00 AUD 


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The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded mini-ITX Computing

Zero noise, small footprint and low power

The M350 is Industry`s smallest universal enclosure (192 x 210 x 62mm , 2.5L) capable of housing mini-ITX boards ranging from tiny Atoms to fully featured desktop or mobile CPUs. The M350 permits fanless operation (natural air convection via hundreds of tiny holes) for TDP < 10 watts and CPU-only fan for TDP <= 65watts.

Equipped with hidden (but not shielded) USB docking station for WIFI / 3G / Bluetooth or simply USB flash booting, the M350 is the only enclosure that provides such innovative USB, radio friendly, expansion methods. For internal miniPCI cards or modules, and high gain
SMA antenna option is provided on the back of the case.


Multiple Mounting Options:
The M350 enclosure features multiple mounting options, making it ideal for industrial applications.
Mounting options include:

Vesa mounting (attach in the back of a monitor)
DIN-RAIL mounting (vertical and horizontal)
Wall mount brackets
- Rubber feet


Pushing mini-ITX to a new level of miniaturization:
- An optional I/O bracket + PCi riser permits mounting of standard PCI card on top of the Intel
D945GSEJT motherboard allowing customers to pack more I/O in a very small footprint (2.5L), a feature not available in any other mini-ITX enclosure.

Smart Power Button:
The M350 power button can be disabled by means of removing a jumper, thus preventing accidental ON/OFF actions. An additional jumper activates an "always ON after power loss` automatic pulse generator that will startup your motherbaord every time power is applied, regardless of BIOS setting!

NOTE: Additional fans can be installed on the hard drive mounting brackets or in the front of the enclosure.

  • D2800MT
  • Processor
  • Intel Atom Processor D2800 (Dual Core)
  • 1.86GHz
  • Chipset
  • Intel NM10 Express Chipset
  • L2 Cache
  • 512 KB x 2 L2 Cashe
  • System Memory
  • Single channel DDR3 1066/800 MHz
  • 2x DIMMs  (max 4GB)
  • Graphics
  • Integrated graphic VGA port & HDMI
  • Power
  • 8-19V DC Jack
  • Connectors (rear)
  • 1x VGA
  • 1x LAN 10/100/1000MBit (Realtek)
  • 1x HDMI 
  • 2x AUDIO 
  • 4x USB2.0
  • Audio
  • Realtek High Definition Audio (ALC) Incl multi-stream support
  • Connectors (internal)
  • 1x PCI Express
  • 1x Mini PCIe
  • AUDIO (Front panel)
  • 4x USB
  • 2x SATA (3GBs)
  • 2x COM (Serial)
  • 1x LVDS 24 bit
  • Included
  • Drivers CD
  • I/O ATX rear plate
  • 2x SATA cable
  • Form Factor
  • mini-ITX (170mm X 170mm)
  • Passive thermal solution
  • Features:

    - DN2800MT Fanless, UltraFlat mini-ITX motherboard + Dual Atom N2800 2x1.86Ghz w/ Hyperthreading
    - I/O Shield for DN2800MT
    - Special PCIe riser included
    - Allows use of PCIe card low profile case
    - Smallest, Universal mini-ITX Enclosure
    - Fanless, natural convection design
    - Total design footprint = 2.5L
    - Word's smallest mini-ITX + PCIe solution
    - Save over $15 when ordering in kit format
    - Kit Includes Intel DN2800MT board, Mini-box M350 Enclosure, I/O Shield and PCIe Riser card to suit